Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cllr. Marco Cereste and others formally named in allegations of corruption in open document

Cllr. Marco Cereste : Allegations
over  Planning Matters

>>>Peterborough Tribune Exclusive<<<

The Trib. has had sight of, and closely examined a circa 100 page highly detailed document, in the form of an open letter, and detailed indexed enclosures, which have now been formally served on Peterborough City Council, Central Complaints Department, the bundle also copied to Shalesh Vara MP , and served on the Local Government Ombudsman. 

The documents form a complex paper audit trail chronicling, the authors say 'a whole catalogue of complaints and serious allegations' relating to the legal challenges and the subsequent alleged manipulation and granting of planning permission for a controversial residential development at 157-161 Fletton Avenue under references 05/01449/OUT. 08/00070/REM. 08/00892/REM. 08/01504/REM. 09/01155/FUL & 10/00328/FUL all relating to 157-161 Fletton Avenue.

157-161 Fletton Avenue. Right block

Specifically the numerous allegations in the documents cite instances of maladministration, corruption, possible criminal activity, falsification of planning application documents, manipulation of committees by five named planning officers, "evidence of improper political interference," the allegations specifically implicating  Cllr Marco Cereste and Cllr Mahmood Fazal and others.

157-161 Fletton Avenue, Centre block at rear.

Of particular concern to Cllr Marco Cereste, the Conservative Leader of the Council,  will be the inclusion of what is termed "Document D Notice of Planning Meeting  28th April 2009", The open letter alleges: " which Cllr Cereste proposed approval of Cllr Fazals's application."

157-161 Fletton Avenue. Left block.

The letter continues: "There is no record of Cllr Cereste declaring that he was standing for the leadership election ten days after the meeting, nor that he would be soliciting Cllr Fazal's vote in that election". The document also claims that "the minutes of the meeting have been removed 'without explanation'  from the PCC website."

The bundle and open letter then sets out in great detail, an astonishing and damaging series of allegations laid at the door of named planning officers, and the two councillors.

One of the allegations suggest that a planning officer "Simon Machen gave incorrect manipulative and misleading advice to the Committee" then further alleges "Mr Machen did the same at South Holland District Council where he was employed as a Planning Manager," this is backed up with a newspaper clipping from  'Spalding Today' dated 14th November 2006.

The 'bundle' was collated by an A.M. Wolfe on behalf of the Fair-play for Fletton Residents Group, and the matter is also being taken up by Labour councillors on the PCC.


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